Charging A Marine Battery

Charging A Marine Battery For Boat & Trolling Motor Owners.

Do you know anyone who arrived at the boat launch ready to have a fun day of fishing, only to find their trolling motor batteries are very low or worse the batteries will not hold a full charge? I do! ME……



I have been fishing for more than 40 years now and like you have had almost everything that could go wrong….. GO WRONG! The 2 biggest and costly problems I have is keeping my trolling motor batteries fully charged and having them take a full charge every time for the full life of the battery. Otherwise I have to spend hundreds of dollars every year on new deep cycle batteries.

Battery manufacturers state all batteries must be charged as soon as you are done using them. I have tried every new product that claimed to solve the problem of remembering to charge the batteries or the problem of shortened battery life span, over the last 15 years. Sadly they all failed to perform as stated.

Then a few years ago I met Jim and my whole life changed, fishing got fun again and I have never forgotten about  charging a marine battery since. The life of my deep cycle batteries has gotten longer and saved me hundreds of dollars.

Jim is the inventor of a revolutionary new charging system. I now start charging all my boat and trolling motor batteries as soon as I have my boat onto the trailer after a day of fishing, no matter where I am or what time of day or night it is and they keep charging until they are 100% fully charged while I drive down the road to or from the lake.

But wait for the past 3 years I watched and worked with Jim on his newest system that will charge the trolling motor batteries while you’re on the lake fishing! With this system as soon as you stop using the trolling motor you can start charging the batteries before even putting the bass boat back onto the trailer.

With both of these systems you can do what the battery manufacturer’s state you should do and start charging the deep cycle batteries as soon as you stop using them and keep them fully charged as you drive to and from the lake. Then you too will never forget to charge your batteries again and save hundreds of dollars by extending the life of the boat/trolling motor batteries.

In this age of higher and higher gas and other prices who can afford to have their marine batteries not perform at least as well as the manufacturer’s state they should. I know I Can’t and you probably can’t either. Well now you can with 2 charging systems that will charge your boat and trolling motor batteries exactly the same way your car or truck battery is charged and not have to find an AC outlet to plug in your AC onboard charger into.


Charging A Marine Battery Safely.

Save hundreds of dollars by not over heating or boiling the batteries, this is the number one cause of battery failures.

Did you know that all battery manufacturers recommend you start charging all 12 volt batteries as soon as your done using them. Until now this was impossible. Now you will extend the life of your battery saving you hundreds of dollars each year and the batteries will maintain more power over a longer period of time.

Each battery will take a true 100% full charge over the life of the battery because you are using a true DC charging system and not AC converted to DC and forced into the batteries which also shortens the life of each battery. Our charging systems charge the boat batteries exactly the same as your truck or car alternator does.

After a couple of months do you notice if the batteries seem to have less power and do not last as long while on the lake? This is usually caused by sufation (Plaque forming on the charging plates) inside the battery which causes all batteries to take less and less of a charge each time you charge them. Our charging systems will not cause sufation to happen in your batteries.

Double your potential fishing time on the lake. Charging the trolling motor batteries as soon as you stop using the trolling motor and start the main outboard motor will extend your fishing.
Simple how to instructions has it installed in 30 minutes! So you can install it yourself, Dealers charge potentially $100 to $200 for install. This saves you money.

Includes everything you need to install the system in the package, so you do not have to buy anything else.


Charging A Marine Battery All-In Charge Smart Box.

Charging A Marine Battery All-In Charge Smart Box..






Already have an AC Charger? You can hook any AC onboard charger or portable AC charger to our system and charge the batteries at the dock with AC electricity.

Ever hunted for a plug while staying somewhere on vacation? You do not have to look for a camp site or motel with outside AC outlets. Charge your boat and trolling motor batteries anywhere anytime.

More Batteries? No problem! No jumpers, No switches to change if you change the number of batteries you want to charge. This system will automatically compensate to either 24 or 36 volt trolling motor battery system.

You can also charge the boat motor battery while driving to and from the lake. Never get embarrassed by being immobile without being able to start your boat.

Cooler Batteries! Run the charging system for hundreds of hours without it getting hot to the touch. So there’s less chance of the charging system failing. Cool Batteries during the charging cycle results in better charging and longer life saving you hundreds of dollars over the life of the boat.

Warranties with Car/Truck and Boat? No problem! Our System won’t void any electronic warranties. Our universal system will work with all trucks and boats.

Never forget to charge the batteries! The All Charge Smart Box automatically starts charging as soon as you stop the trolling motor and start the outboard motor or plug in the Original Stay N Charge when you plug in the trailer lights to the truck because they are next to each other.

No more climbing in and out of your trailered boat to start or stop the battery charger, which means less body ache before or after a long fishing trip.

No more stopping another project to check on the AC Battery charger or change the batteries. Now you save time by charging a marine battery while fishing or driving. Life is so much easier with the All-In Charge Smart Box.

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