Trolling Motor Transducer Ideas

Trolling Motor Transducer for your Angling Experience

Finding the best fishing areas is one thing, but finding the fish themseleves is another. Using a top quality trolling motor transducer is one way to give you the edge. The trolling motor mounted transducer allows you to gather this important sonar information from the point on the boat closest to where you are fishing.

Trolling Motor Transducer Fishing

If you’re fishing from the front of your boat a lot, you’ll probably want the transducer off the trolling motor. Now if you’re one of the guys who has a couple of these beauties,  next question is “How far apart can you mount them for interference?”.

Naturally if they’re the same frequencies then irrespective of where you sit these, they’ll interfere with each other, if too close together. Logic dicates then, 2 widely different frequencies and you could mount these next to each other and there shouldn’t be a problem.

One particular product we love and suggest you look at is from Hummingbird.

The Humminbird XTM 9 20 T Trolling Motor Mounted Transducer is affordable. Mounts on to the body of most trolling motors, with a low-profile, drag-reducing shape. Oh did we say it’s affordable ? hey it’s not the cheapest, but we have had zero issues with ours.

To be efficient in your angling expedition, you need to install some type of fish finding device on your boat. Such devices need a transducer to send out and receive the signal then communicate the data to the fish finder. The data generated by the transducer is converted to the images displayed on your screen.

Transducers can be installed in various parts of the boat. The trolling motor transducer is mounted on the motor and is very popular among anglers that use electric trolling motors.

Some of their advantages of trolling motor transducers include:

Mounting a trolling motor transducer

To get the most of your fish finding equipment, you need to install the right type of transducer and in the right manner. You need to ensure, for instance, that the transducer, its wiring and any other mounting accessories do not interfere with the motor’s normal operation.

This can be a challenge for some types of trolling motors. Therefore, do not purchase a transducer before researching whether it is compatible with your trolling motor.

The first step in the actual mounting process is to ensure that the unit is getting sufficient power and that there is a working fuse. The trolling motor often causes interference with the power connection. To check for possible interference, check the quality of the image before and after turning the motor on,

To minimize the possibility of interference:

The position of the transducer also determines the quality of your images. Ensure that the transducer is fully submerged in water and facing downward. Then adjust it till you achieve a high-quality, clear image.

Why you should pick a reliable trolling motor transducer

As an angler, you want a transducer that not only gives you high quality images but is also durable.

The quality of the image depends on the suitability of the transducer to the zone that you are fishing. While some trolling motor transducers are suitable for shallow waters, others function better in deeper waters. Also, some function best in salty waters and others in fresh waters.

Since the trolling motor transducer operates while submerged in water, it may easily hit under-water objects if you are not careful or in unfamiliar territories.

In conclusion

A trolling motor transducer can greatly improve your efficiency when angling. However, to get the best out of it, you need to shop the right type and install it carefully. You also need to be conversant with the waters that you are planning to do your angling activities. If you’re not a fan of Hummingbird products for some reason, Lowrance PDT-WSU Trolling Motor Mount Transducer, is worth checking out. Available to buy it’s 200 Khz, black finish and comes in around the same price as the XTM 9 20 T

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